Fresh Cut Smoothie

By Jessi Andricks

This Fresh Cut Smoothie from my book, The Smoothie Life, is the perfect example of blending your greens with other flavors, including fresh mint and bright citrus. The orange and lemon add a splash of juiciness that makes it the perfect smoothie for a fresh, sunny day!


Power Plantain Patties

By Val Alarcon

When I was 10, my brother and I moved to the United States from our native land of Ecuador to reunite with our parents. Throughout my childhood, we held on to our traditional foods to honor our country. I created this recipe to celebrate one of our many traditional dishes – this one is called the “Bolla de Platano” and I created a version of my own called “Plantain Pattie Breakfast – The Tower of Power Breakfast.”


Coconut Key Lime Pie Cup

By Michelle Savage

Through my battle with weight and health issues, it took some time to learn how to satisfy my sweet tooth with nutritious food. Through kitchen blunders and triumphs, the Coconut Key Lime Pie Cup was created. This sweet treat has been a hit with my family and friends – well, and myself!


Best Brussels Sprouts Ever

By Stephanie McPherson

I have been making this recipe for several years now and people tell me all the time that it’s one of the best dishes they’ve ever eaten! Through Integrative Nutrition, I learned how nutrition is a bio-individual approach both in mind and body!


Vegan Italian Sausage Soup

By Kendra Ramsey

This recipe brings me back to my childhood but with a healthier spin – it’s loaded with veggies and soul soothing flavors! IIN taught me to never fear getting creative in the kitchen. Just because a recipe doesn’t include meat, doesn’t mean your food has to loose its flavor. 


Banana and Lucuma Glazed Donuts

By Ashley Collins

This gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free recipe is focused on finding balance. It’s not about depriving oneself of certain foods but finding healthy ways to fit them in. This is a creative way to incorporate superfoods while making a delicious and nutritious baked donut suitable for children and enjoyed by all!